What is your family doing for the Fourth of July? Check out our Couture 4th of July board on Pinterest for ideas!

What is your family doing for the Fourth of July? Check out our Couture 4th of July board on Pinterest for ideas!

Have you heard? Baby Couture has moved to our NEW LOCATION at 310 Lorton! Come check out the new space!

Have you heard? Baby Couture has moved to our NEW LOCATION at 310 Lorton! Come check out the new space!

Why Kids Are Better With New Gadgets

Have you ever wondered why little kids often seem to catch on with new gadgets before adults? This very interesting study conducted at UC Berkeley has some ideas about why that is. Click here to read the full story at Baby Center. 

Valentine’s Day

Do you need some last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day this Friday? We’ve been collecting some of our favorite school Valentine ideas, delicious treat recipes, gift ideas, and more for the big day from around Pinterest! Check out our Valentine inspiration board: Couture Valentine!

The Truth About Pacifiers

The experts at Parents Magazine are setting the record straight on the misconceptions about pacifiers. Click here to find out the facts.

From Crib to Big-Kid Bed

Is it time for your growing little one to transition into a big-kid bed? A few tips from PopSugar Moms to help you and your child with the move:

1 - Skip a toddler bed, as children grow out of them so quickly it means two costly bed purchases for mom and dad.

2 - When considering size, experts say a standard twin will give your little one plenty of room to grow, but won’t be too big in the meantime.

3 - Make sure to get safety railings! Experts suggest using railings until a child is five years old for added security and safety.

4 - Think about whether bunk beds could be a good option for your family. It could potentially save you space and money.

5 - As much as your kiddo wants a themed bed now, she won’t want it for very long. It’s best to stick with something classic that won’t go out of style.

Click here to read more on PopSugar Moms.

*Did you know Baby Couture sells beds? If you are looking for a big kid bed come see the beautiful Harrison Bed and Hollywood Bed by Art For Kids! On sale now!

Brands We Love: Little Giraffe

      Little Giraffe was started in 2000 and since that time has blown up in the baby market, especially since bringing on President/CEO and Creative Director Trish Moreno in 2009. The Los Angeles based brand has a loyal following including many celebrities. The most famous of which is Suri Cruise, who is rarely seen without Little Giraffe’s trademark “Little G” plush toy. At Baby Couture we carry only the best, so of course we have loved bringing this wonderful product to our customers for over five years now. Here are just a few of the reasons we love Little Giraffe.

First of all, the quality of the Little Giraffe product is like no other. We have yet to find a baby blanket as soft or luxurious as Little Giraffe. The attention to detail and craftmanship truly sets Little Giraffe apart from other brands. This is proven by the test of time: when you give one of these baby blankets as a gift you can rest assured the little one will still be cuddling with it YEARS later. We personally have seen these blankets washed a hundred times and STILL look and feel as awesome as they did on day one.

But Little Giraffe does not stop at baby blankets. Reason number two we love Little Giraffe: the brand is constantly expanding and creating new and exciting products. Made from their signature Luxe Dot fabric, Little Giraffe’s plush toy, Little G, has become the brand’s mascot. Now days you will find the award winning Little G with his friends the Little G Rattle, Little G Blanky, Chenille Mini G, and more. Little Giraffe makes simple and adorable baby and toddler clothing, too. Our customers love their fun Lollipop print footies and the cuddly goodness of their Stretch Chenille Zipper hoodies. They even make sweet fuzzy socks, not to neglect your little one’s tiny toes. All of these products coordinate so you can mix and match to put together a fantastic baby gift or add to your own collection. The variety of fabrics and products gives customers a wide range of options and price points so everyone can go home with something from Little Giraffe. In recent years the brand has even expanded into an adult and home line! (Click here to learn about all of their signature fabrics.)

Third, Little Giraffe as a company has a commitment to their customers. They sum up their philosophy in the phrase “Little Giraffe is LOVE.” They understand the importance of choosing the right products for our littlest family members and the connection a child forms with their first blanket or first toy. (President Trish Moreno even famously responded to a mom’s online plea over a lost blanket and shipped a replacement!) This dedication to providing customers with a great product transfers into excellent customer service on an individual level and with the retailers who carry the brand.

Finally, and most importantly, children LOVE Little Giraffe. Babies seem to form an instant bond with these products and after all, what more could you want from a baby brand? We are proud to bring the Little Giraffe product to our customers and have loved working with this amazing company!


2014 Pregnancy Trends

Are you expecting a little one in the coming year? Check out The Bump’s list of the 7 Top Pregnancy Trends of 2014. Fancy pregnancy workouts, gender neutral names, and highly styled nurseries are a few on the list. Do you agree? 

Baby Understands More Than You Think

A new study suggests that babies as young as NINE MONTHS are already picking up on social interactions between adults and are learning about both positive and negative relationships as a result. Crazy!

Click here to read the full story at WhatToExpect.com

Let’s Be Friends

Have you found us on Pinterest and Twitter yet? And of course, we are on Facebook, too! Check us out to stay up to date on sales, promotions, great ideas, and more! 

Folic Acid Week 2014

Did you know this week is Folic Acid Awareness Week? Or that there even was such a thing as Folic Acid Awareness Week? We didn’t. 

It turns out the National Council on Folic Acid has specifically set aside January 4-10 to promote awareness about the vital importance of folic acid to your growing baby. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, it is extremely important you are getting enough of this B-vitamin (experts recommend at least 400 mg daily) to help fight against many preventable birth defects, particularly in the areas of brain and spine development. 

So how do you make sure you are getting enough folic acid? Check out this Folic Acid Fact Sheet from the National Council on Folic Acid. 

Baby Names: 2014 Predictions

According to Nameberry the top two baby name trends for this year will be family names and a revival in vintage classics! (Think Agnes or Wolfgang.) Other trend predictions include spices like Sage or Cinnamon, virtues like Valor, Greek names (Phoebe, Penelope), and even names inspired by Pope Francis! 

Are you expecting a baby in 2014? Which trends do you like?

Brands We Love: Kissy Kissy

Kissy Kissy was started just over sixteen years ago by entrepreneur Roxana Castillo. Since that time Kissy Kissy has greatly expanded. The brand is now sold all over the world and has several loyal celebrity customers. Baby Couture has been proud to carry Kissy Kissy in our store for over six years, since we first opened our doors. So what makes this layette brand so special? 

First of all, Kissy Kissy is dedicated to uncompromising quality. The brand was one of the first to utilize the one-of-a-kind pima cotton growing exclusively in Peru. This means Kissy Kissy’s layette line is the absolute softest and most comfortable fabric for your baby’s skin. Several other companies have since tried to mimic Kissy Kissy or even tap into the pima cotton market themselves, but Kissy Kissy is the original, the real deal. 

Secondly, Kissy Kissy makes unique and adorable prints. From their classic Homeward Bound collection that never goes out of style, to fresh, creative prints for each new season, Kissy Kissy never misses the mark on cuteness. The brand also offers a range of styles and mix-and-match options. (Our customers love Kissy Kissy’s conversion gowns that easily change from a gown into pants!) Kissy Kissy also has a corner on the embroidery market, offering both machine embroidered layette and beautiful hand embroidery. This wide variety makes it easy for everyone to find just what they are looking for, with several styles and price points from which to choose! (Fun fact: Kissy Kissy’s embroiderers are stay-at-home moms working out of their own homes in Peru!)

This leads to another reason we love Kissy Kissy - they are a good company. Created by a woman, the brand celebrates being a mom and wanting the very best for your little one. Kissy Kissy also offers excellent customer service and has made working with them, as a retailer, an easy and exciting experience. We love Kissy Kissy and we know you will too!


(*Good to know: Kissy Kissy does not stop at pima cotton! Come in and check out their knits and special occasion collections as well!)


Happy New Year! We are celebrating with a HUGE SALE at Baby Couture! Up to 40% on some of the season’s best sellers! Come in and see! 

We are celebrating the New Year with a HUGE SALE!!! Let’s end 2013 right! Come on in to check it out! Happy New Year!

We are celebrating the New Year with a HUGE SALE!!! Let’s end 2013 right! Come on in to check it out! Happy New Year!